Which adhesive is stronger: Glue or Tape

Which adhesive is stronger: glue or tape.

In this post, you will learn:-

  • A short history of glue and tape.
  • What gives glues and tapes their stickiness?
  • Reason for the strong smell of glues or why don’t the glue stick in the bottle?.
  • Comparison between glue and tape.
  • Which adhesive is stronger: glue or tape.

The oldest glue in the world is over 8,000 years old and it comes from a cave near the Dead Sea. Ancient people used this glue, which was made by a mixture of plant material and animal bones, to make waterproof baskets and construct utensils. Today, we have enough types of tape and glue to build and repair almost everything. But, there are a few questions in my head and I am sure that these questions must be in your mind even:

1, What gives glue and tape their stickiness?

2. And which one is stronger?

To answer these questions first we will have to know about the history of glues and tapes, or if you just want to know the answer and you are not curious enough to know about some cool facts about them, then jump to the last paragraph.

History of Glue & Tape:

The glue came into existence around 8,000 years ago. It was made with a mixture of animal bone and plant material. The ancient people used this glue to make waterproof baskets and construct utensils. One of the major use of such glues were to make bows. As a bow bends the inner surface of the bow is under compression whereas, the outer surface is stretched and it is under tension. So, the ancient people used to make a bow with two different kinds of wood, one for the inner surface which had more compressibility, and the other for the outer surface which had more elasticity. This technique helped people to make stronger bows. But, these glues were made up of animal bones and plant materials so, their bonds can be easily broken by moisture. Then in 1942 superglue or synthetic glue was invented.The tape was actually invented for military use. It was invented by Jhonson & Johnson’s Permacel Divison during WWII for the military.

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